Hungry Woman Arrested for Biting Wendy's Manager Over Wrong Order

CBS 6 News reports of a fast food worker who was attacked and bit over a wrong order.

Wendy's manager Latanya Nelson said the confrontation happened at a restaurant in Richmond, Va.

wendys manager.jpeg

Manager Nelson (pictured above) said 25-year-old Lovely Robinson was the angriest customer she had ever personally served. Nelson said Robinson stormed in the lobby behind another employee, after changing her order from two spicy chicken sandwiches.


"She changed the order from that to four, 99-cent chicken sandwiches, so I'm guessing she only had $4 instead of $11," Nelson said.

The fast food manager said she had no choice but to defend herself.

"She came in cursing and said I'll come across the counter," Nelson added. "So I said, 'OK.' She jumped over, so I defended myself."

"She didn't have me in size, but she had heart I'll give her that," Nelson said. "I told her you can't be in here. You gotta' go."


Police charged Robinson with malicious wounding, intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest and trespassing. She declined a request for an interview.

Click here to read CBS 6's original story.

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